Let's take a holiday in Utena!

Parks in Utena City

There are five parks which merge into green area of Utena and is full of bike roads, outdoor courts, kid’s playgrounds, outdoor gyms etc.


Fountain in Dauniškis Lake

In 2011, Utena celebrated 750-year anniversary of the town founding. On this occasion, Dauniškis Lake was decorated with a playing fountain with water screen. It is one of the most modern fountains in Eastern Europe.

Only in Utena

There are equipped classrooms that are suitable for lessons taught certified craftsmen. People can learn how to make cuttings, paint and variegate Easter eggs, knit, weave and more.

Vytautas Valiušis Ceramics Museum>

Ceramics exhibited in the museum are characterized by different shape, application, production technique and ornamentation. You can try to make some clay dishes there yourself. Some more information >>>

Museum of Struggles for Freedom >

The aim of the exposition of the museum is to make an attempt to learn the history of Lithuania through the illustrated story about the most painful times of the country.

Centre of Brewing Experience >

The brewery Utenos Alus is famous all over the world as it a part of Carlsberg group. The region of soft and pure water, which is very similar to that of the legendary one in Pilsen, is most suitable for brewing.

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