Utena is an industrial center of a region. It is known for its clothing, food and beverage factories. As infrastructure and business environment gets better every year there are plenty of workplaces and companies ready for expansion. It is the best time to get a job or create your own business entity in Utena.


Foreign direct investment per person in Utena in 2017


Number of foreign companies succesfully expanding in Utena.


The lowest rate of unemployment in region in 2018.

In 2017 foreign direct investment reached 147.65 million Euros in total. The biggest foreign companies are as following:

  • Švyturys - Utenos alus (340 workplaces)
  • ENGEL DALI (353 workplaces)
  • Nosted Mechanika (218 workplaces)
  • K.T.S. Production (35 workplaces)

Are you looking for a job in Utena? These companies are waiting to hear from you:

Information about job opportunities in Utena also can be found on HERE. There are some successfully working foreign as well as local companies sharing job and placement offers, other useful information.

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Create your own business

This is the best time and the best place to create a workplace for yourself! Utena has its own business funding programme which supports young local businesses with a significant amount of money that might be used for further investments on equipment, expansion, marketing etc


Percentage of companies in Utena which have employed up to 4 workers. Small and medium business entities are dominant in Utena District and it is a reason why rate of unemployment is at its lowest.

Since 2014 Utena City Municipality sponsors small and medium business entities. Sponsorship program is confirmed by Utena City Council and any new business can claim for it.

Business licenses

Utena City Municipality offers variety of reliefs for owners of business licenses. Any business license depending on type of business cost from 10 to 170 Euros.

40%, 50% or 70% 

Buyers of business licenses in Utena district could get a discount of 40, 50 or 70 per-cent. In order to motivate youngsters to start their own business, Utena City Municipality offers 70 per-cent discount on business licenses.

Other reliefs for business licenses

Since 1st of January 2018 Utena City Municipality offers 70 per-cent discount on business licenses for pensioners, parents with disabled children. Moreover, 50 per-cent discount on business licenses is offered for disabled.

Since 2014, when sponsorship program for small and medium business entities in Utena district was introduced, Utena City Municipality has sponsored more than 184 business owners and paid 182,500 Euros in total.

   Some of the most popular business expenses which might be covered by Utena City Municipality are as following: rent expenses, expenses for introducing a new workplace, marketing expenses.

In 2018 Utena City Municipality spent 60,000 Euros on sponsoring medium and small business entities. 45 businesses were funded in total.

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